customer_icon_imgFor Consumers:

Using Page Advisor, you choose how much you want to pay a Merchant for the provision of services.

When you submit a job request, you are asked to indicate what your budget is and Merchants seeing your job request will take your budget into account when bidding for your job.

Merchants may submit bids which are higher or lower than your budget; you are free to choose to accept any of the bids submitted by Merchants (or none at all, if for example the bids received all exceed your budget).

You’ll only pay the amount of the bid you accept – Page Advisor does not charge consumers any fees to use our services, for consumers to submit a job request through us, or for consumers to engage a Merchant to perform a job through us. Any bid accepted by you will be all-inclusive for specifications you provide, meaning that it will include any applicable transport cost, the cost of any necessary spare parts, and any applicable taxes.




For Merchants:

Page Advisor does not charge Merchants any directory or listing fees, nor do we charge Merchants any fees for bidding to do jobs through Page Advisor.

Merchants only pay Page Advisor a platform fee if they successfully bid for and complete a job through Page Advisor. The platform fee we charge is a percentage (at a rate agreed between Page Advisor and individual Merchants) of the total amount of the bid which is accepted by the Consumer for the performance of a particular service.