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“Thank God we are home! Switch on the AC, it’s so hot outside!”

“Wait, I can’t switch it on – is it spoilt? Oh, of all times??”

Don’t want the same scenario to happen to you? Air conditioners are after all machines, and susceptible to developing a few mechanical issues from time to time. Take a read to see if you recognise any of these symptoms – and if you do, it’s definitely time for a maintenance check on your AC!



1. You Can’t Switch On The AC

The power is plugged in, the batteries are new, and the wires aren’t broken or burnt – so why is the AC not switching on? This could be caused by a faulty transformer or thermostat, and you should immediately switch the main power supply off, then bring the professionals in for accurate assistance.



2. The AC Switches On But Doesn’t Work

You’ve switched on the air-conditioning for a good 20 minutes, and yet the room is still swelteringly warm. This might be a case of dirt clogging the interior of the AC thus leading to a defective grill, or a faulty refrigerant. The former will require a thorough clean out of the AC, while the latter will require changing of spare parts – both of which will require proper expertise.


3. Your AC Has A ‘Flu’

When water begins to drip from the unit, or if you find droplets pooling – these are signs of an interior leak and require immediate action. This is because moisture encourages the growth of mould, and if they eventually find their way onto the cooling or heating fans, this could cause the entire AC to malfunction.



4. When The AC Gets Noisy

There are distinct rattles and hissing sounds – signs that point possibly to a worn out fan belt. It’s a normal result from wear-and-tear, and could also be due to rust within the unit. Also, if your AC has gone past the five-year mark, it’s also a good time to make an appointment for air-conditioner servicing, or risk premature failure of your machines.


5. A Spike In Utility Bills

The most sensitive part of the AC is its digital thermostat. Not only does it get damaged easily, corrosion, dust or frayed wires can significantly weaken the thermostat’s functions, also cutting off temperature detection. When the unit has to work harder (sapping more energy) to provide the same level of cooling comfort, this is when the utility also shoots up.


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