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Moving into a new home can be really exciting – but it does come with its own set of stresses too. While you can easily get movers to do the heavy lifting for you, it’s the packing up that can really spark tensions within the house.

Because we are all smart home owners who don’t want to pay extra hours on moving day, here are some packing tips to pick up today.



1. Know What Can or Cannot Be Moved

Most moving companies follow a list of items that they will not transport for you due to safety and liability reasons, such as household chemicals, cash, important documents, pets and photographs. Before moving day, be sure to pack these items away and place them in a specially marked section of your house (i.e to transport personally) so both you and the moving team are aware.



2. Bubble Care

If you are doing the packing, be sure to utilise plenty of bubble wrap, newspapers and even your blankets as padding support. This is important because movers will not be responsible for anything that breaks during the move.



3. Weighty Issues

While it might be tempting to fill up a box to the brim, you’ll have to think also about the movers – because not only are heavy boxes harder to move, they are also likely to bottom out easily. If possible, you could also sort the boxes by weight to make loading that much easier and quicker. Avoid piling items onto furniture, since these usually get loaded into the vans first.



4. Sort Out The Kids Too

To keep focus sharp on moving day, arrange for someone to take care of the kids and/or pets. If this is not logistically possible, plan activities in advance to keep the children busy so you can concentrate on the movers.

5. A Household Inventory

It’ll be your evidence of the contents of your household when filling out insurance claims should anything go wrong or missing on moving day. If you have limited time, then just record the serial numbers, brand and type of big ticket items such as furniture, electronics and appliances. This information should ideally also go onto the boxes which house these items.



6. Doorway Fittings

This is especially important if you are living in newer HDB blocks which might have smaller pathways, or if you own over-sized furniture. Measure furniture and doorways beforehand to see if you’ll have problems with moving them out, so there’s time to pre-plan for solutions, rather than keep the movers longer than necessary on the day itself.

7. Pack Safe, Pack Smart

Unpack, clean, and dry out refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and any appliance that may retain moisture or food particles. Also remove all DVD and CD from machines, as well as batteries from appliances.

Because the last box loaded is the first one out, you can designate a few boxes you’ll need right away at the new home, such as toiletries, towels, dinner utensils etcetera on hand for everyone to use.


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