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Where else do we look for creative juices than trending social media giant, Instagram? Here are some amazingly talented artists and salons to scroll through – for when we need our next nail inspirations.


Photo credit:@britneytokyo


1. Britney Tokyo @britneytokyo

The LA based nail artist does pop culture in dizzying dosages, and counts British singer Rita Ora as part of her clientele. From nostalgic Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls, to ‘90s smiley faces and Barbie, right down to neon nails that glow in the dark, this is truly fashion at its wildest.


Photo credit:@thenailartelier


2. The Nail Artelier @thenailartelier

If there’s one thing that stands out about The Nail Artelier, it’s that they’ve got artists who can truly paint magic on your fingers. We’ve seen elaborate works of designs ranging from Pokémon, Disney’s Tsum Tsums, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Line characters, and even a customised cartoon set depicting the main characters of popular Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun.


Photo credit:@followthatway


3. Annabel @followthatway

These are designs for the lady – classy, demure, clean. Great for the OL look, brides to be, and gorgeous designs that call for attention in all the right ways.


Photo credit:@missladyfinger


4. Taryn Multack @missladyfinger

Who says it’s impossible to bring the high fashions we see on the catwalks into our daily lives? Multack has done just that, where she picks the best runway looks from top shows, and niftily translates that into a manicure inspired by the collection.


Photo credit:@postofnails


5. Post of Nails @postofnails

Sharing is caring, and this account is all about the beauty of nail art, DIY style. Videos show the exact nail colours (and brand of polish) used, the step-by-step process done comparatively slower than others on Instagram – making it so much easier for newbies like us to catch on and recreate the same shades of pretty on our nails.


Photo credit:@nails_page__ and @miraten_nails


6. Nails Page @nails_page__

Dark and inviting, dainty and innocent – Nails Page somehow manages to nail both extremities excellently. They seem to excel in designs related to flora and fauna; our favourites are those of intricate blooms, butterflies and peacocks. If you never fancied picking browns, mauves or muted shades for your nails, scrolling through this account might just change your mind too.

Photo credit:@leximartone


7. Lexi Martone Nails @leximartone

This celebrity nail artist is equal parts gothic, spunk, and anything but conventional. Think holographic nails, long, spiked nails with protruding studs, and 3D eyeballs too.



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