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Creative Wedding Style For You?

The business of wedding photography is in no ways a cookie cutter affair. There are many different styles of wedding photography and photographers are able to bring many different skill sets to help execute the vision of the bride and groom. Where some couples are very traditional and are looking for more vintage looks that remain more classic and timeless, some couples have ideas that are a little more abstract from the typical wedding portraits. Finding a creative wedding photographer can be a challenge, dependent on the vision that you have. Take time to research and choose your perfect photographer. It can make an astronomical difference in the quality of photographs you have in the end.

Creative Wedding Photography Singapore
Creative Wedding Photography Singapore Unique Theme

Unique Wedding Theme

Are you the type of couple that wants pictures of you skydiving when you take the great plunge? Do you have a unique theme that will require a particular skill set to execute your vision? This is where being meticulous in choosing the right creative wedding photographer will work wonders. Knowing exactly what you want and providing the clearest description of that goal will give the photographers a great understanding of the most complete picture available of what you want and how they will be able to capture your vision.

Find Out The Approach

If you have a complex idea, don’t take the first person that says “Yeah, I can do that,” with no hesitation. Without knowing what they have gotten involved in, they might have taken on more than they can handle. Look for someone that can describe their approach to how they will accomplish your goal. If they have experience with something similar to what you’re going for and can provide examples of previous work that is close to your concept, it would be easier to decide. Taking the time to get in depth with what you want can make all of the difference between hiring a creative wedding photographer that thought they knew what you wanted and failed and someone who had a clear understanding of your idea and delivers it flawlessly.

Creative Wedding Photography Singapore - Approach
Creative Wedding Photography Singapore - Test With Engagement Photos

Test With Engagement Photos

Another way to make sure they can do the type of style that you’re looking for is to schedule a test shoot. Do you have to take engagement photos? Your engagement session might be the opportunity to put your idea to the test with this photographer. Are you looking for a creative wedding photographer with some graphic design experience? Let’s say you want your wedding to follow a movie theme. A test shoot can be the opportunity to see if that photographer can bring what you need to the table.

Finding The Right Creative Wedding Photographer

Remember, this is your day. Taking the time to find the right creative wedding photographer for you might not be a quick process, but it is absolutely a process that will pay off in the long run. Finding the right photographer that will give you exactly what you want is essential to being able to capture the images you want to remember for years to come. Especially if your vision has a little flair, having someone that can do exactly what you want to achieve will give your memories that will last a lifetime.

Creative Wedding Photography Singapore - Finding The Right Creative Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a great Creative Wedding Photographer, please contact us for further discussion. We will recommend the most appropriate photographer available during your stipulated schedule.

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Creative Wedding Photography

Are you the type of couple who wants pictures of you skydiving when you take the great plunge? Our photographers are experienced and will capture creative and unforgettable shots for you. Choose us for highly creative photos!

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Every couple dream of their perfect wedding, complete with the perfect setting. If you desire a wedding abroad, finding a great photographer for that might be a little daunting.

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To capture such significant moments, its worth looking for the very best. Let our Professional and Experienced Wedding Photographers bring their specialised expertise to you and capture beautiful photos!


Hear What Couples Say About Our Photographers & Photos!

Michael Quek

Thank you Page Advisor!

I looked through all the photos taken during my wedding ceremony; the photographer was able to capture the smiles and the happiness of our guests and us. The colours were vibrant in the photos and brought out the best in all of us. It was great as we got to keep such beautiful and wonderful memories. Thank you Page Advisor for such great photography!

Lai May Leng

Lively and Artistic

The photos taken were lively and artistic. The photographer was very creative and took many stylish and elegant shots during the photoshoot. At the ceremony, the photographer was also very cheerful and was all smiles, and he was able to capture the best moments in the wedding. We loved the photos and are very grateful for the service!

Shermaine Low

Great Photographer

I love how our photographer gave many different perspectives of joy through the different angles taken during the wedding. I was glad that he moved around a lot to capture our family and guests’ candid shots, as they really love the photos too! We really appreciate the photos and the professional service provided. Beautiful images!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens after I have submitted my enquiry?

We will get in touch with you to better understand your needs and then provide you a quote based on your request from the comfort of your home.

How long ahead should I book in advance?


Its recommended that you book 2 months in advance in case your preferred photographer’s schedule is booked. We are also able to accept last minute bookings.

How many years of experience does your Photographers have in Weddings?

Our team of Wedding Photographers have a broad range of experience and it varies from 2 years to more than 10 years.





Will your Wedding Photographer have a discussion with us before confirmation from us?
Yes. Our Wedding Photographer will have a non-obligatory discussion with you to find out more about your needs and your preferences. He/she will also provide you with advice on what may work better based on past experience.


Can I look through a range of Wedding Photographer's Portfolio and select my preferred Photographer?
Yes, you can request to view our Photographers’ portfolio and choose your preferred photographer. We will arrange a non-obligatory discussion with you thereafter.

I have specific shots in mind for my wedding. Can your Photographer capture it for me?
Definitely! We strive to capture the very shots that you have in mind and will also advice you what is possible based on your idea. Feel free to give your suggestions.

Do you customize Packages to suit our Wedding Schedule?

Our pricing indicated above is fully customizable to suit your wedding plans. Please contact us for a custom quote.


Do your Wedding Photographers shoot on Public Holidays and/or Weekend?


Yes. We are available 365 days, other than the days that we may be fully booked.


Can I change your cancel the arranged Photography shoot?
You can cancel or amend your order up to 7 days before the service is scheduled free of charge.



Any cancellation or amendment made less than 7 days before the Wedding Photography Service is scheduled will incur cancellation costs equivalent to 30% of the photography service.

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