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Problems In Getting A Transport For Your Pet?

We all know the feeling when you are going home/somewhere with your pet and when you flag down a taxi you always get rejected because many taxi drivers are ambivalent and or wholly against the idea of little Charlie shedding fur all over their car seats. I’m sure that we are all too familiar with the restrictions on pets on the public transport network as well. How then are you going to get your pet to the vet’s, the groomer’s or even a simple outing to the beach? Here at PageAdvisor’s Pet taxi services, we understand your transport frustrations and we are here solely to eliminate and/or alleviate these troubles to the best of our ability.

Booking A Pet Taxi Is So Simple

If you’re looking for a swift, stylish and pleasant ride, we are just a phone call away! With special seats and cushions for your furry friend or caged companion, travel in first-class comfort no matter the distance! If a luxurious and decadent transport vehicle is not what you are looking for but a more economical option instead, our own “grab-cars” are available too! No matter the ride, our drivers are always ready and waiting on your call to deliver you from anywhere on the sunny island, Singapore, to and fro your desired destination. Never spend more time waiting than being on the move again when you engage PageAdvisor’s services!

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Transport Your Pet Where You Want To Be

Travelling, moving or relocating abroad? Fear not! Your one stop pet service provider is here to help you! PageAdvisor provides pet relocation and international transport services by air or ship for you! We know that flying can be a strange, unfamiliar and sometimes terrifying experience for your pet. That’s why we strive to create a home away from home in his/her cage to pamper him/her with the maximum safety and comfort available. Think fluffy pillows, water bottles, lots of bedding and some fascinating toys! Upon arrival at the airport or port terminal, our friendly, pet loving staff will take care of your pet while we contact and wait for you. If your hands and bags are full with your own baggage, you can request that we bring your pet straight to your doorstep in your home abroad for exceptional convenience! We always strive to minimise your inconvenience, whether local or abroad.

Emergency Transport For Pets

Last but definitely not least, we also provide pet ambulance services in your time of need. When your precious pet is in critical condition and needs immediate veterinarian attention, there is absolutely no time to lose in getting him/her there! Our pet ambulance services are 24/7 and our concierge number is +65 6850-5451. Our pet ambulance drivers will waste no time in fetching you to the pet hospital so that your beloved pet can seek his/her medical treatment as soon as possible. We want the best for both you and your loved one.

Check Out These Services

Pet Grooming

Wish to transform your pet into the next top animal-model? Or are you just looking to give him/her the best style and comfort in town? Look no further as Pet Services Singapore presents a grooming service like no other!

Pet Hotel

Quality beds, Clean Classy & Comfortable cages, top-notch dining experiences, and exciting activities for all animals and breeds, your pet will never have been more pampered!

Pet Sitting

Going on a vacation and cannot bear to leave your pet alone at home with no company and no one to play with? More importantly, who is going to feed, bathe and walk your dog when you are away? Fear not!

Our Happy Users!

Hear what people say about us!

Laurine Peng

My Dog Loves It!

The dog walking service was amazing. The service provider never missed a single appointment, and was also always on time. Not only that, the service was good, as my dog loved her whenever she came to pick my dog for a walk. Thank you Page Advisor for the recommendation!

Yvonne's Rabbits

Reliable and Excellent

I brought my 2 rabbits for pet grooming, and left them there for a few hours while I went to run my errands. The service provided was good as the long nails of my rabbits were well trimmed, the fur was very smooth, and their ears were very clean! Thanks for the great service; pet grooming has been a great help, as I do not have time to groom the rabbits on my own.

Lim Jun Yan

Would Use Again

The pet sitting service was awesome. I entrusted my corgi with them during the day and he totally loved the pet sitter! It was then apparent that the pet sitter treated my dog well as he was very excited the second time he saw the pet sitter. Thanks Page Advisor, I am definitely satisfied with the service provided!

Why Should You Use Page Advisor’s Pet Services?

100% Money-back Guarantee

Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire a Page Advisor Merchant. Because Page Advisor offers a “100% money-back guarantee” assurance when you engage our service – so there is ZERO risk on your part!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Page Advisor Pet Services work?
Page Advisor is an online platform. We connect our website users with trusted pet caregivers. You can make a request with us and we will help you match the most suitable pet service provider at the most affordable price.
How is Page Advisor Pet Services different from other pet service companies?
Page Advisor Pet Services is not a pet service and care provider. We are an online market-place matching customers with professional pet services. The rates are transparently presented on our website. No hidden costs. No registration fees. 100% money-back guarantee. With that, you can have a total peace of mind when you engage pet services through Page Advisor.
Can I change or cancel my order?
You can cancel or amend your order up to 7 days before the service is scheduled free of charge. Any cancellation or amendment made less than 7 days before the pet service is scheduled will incur cancellation costs equivalent to 30% of the down-payment.
What happens after I have submitted my enquiry?
After you place your request either by phone or filling up our form, we will get in touch with you to better understand your needs and then provide you a quote for your request. In the event where you have decided to use our pet services, we will send you a confirmation email with an invoice attached 2 to 3 days after your confirmation booking.
What happens if I am not satisfied with the result?
Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not happy with the service, please contact our customer service line at +65 6850 5451 or email us at
Is the pet service available on public holidays or weekend?
When you request for a pet service on Page Advisor, you will be required to enter your preferred date and time. The merchants that are not able to provide the service on your requested dates or time will not bid for the jobs. The ones who do bid will be able to do the service at whichever date or time you have selected.
I need a pet service urgently, can this be done?
We understand that there will be unpredictable occasions where you require the pet service urgently. In this scenario, you can contact our customer service line at +65 6850 5451 with your requests and we will try our best to meet your needs.
What are my payment options?
Currently we accept cheque and bank transfer. We can also work with you to accept secure online payments via credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and PayPal through a mobile app. Full payment is required upon confirmation of booking.

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