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If “we are what we eat”, then what about our pets? Or rather, what ARE our pets? When we think pet food, we think of the traditional kibbles, formula or canned products currently available on the market but what if we could challenge this perception? What if we told you that pet food need not be a bowl of pebbles or a messy sludge of an unknown concoction but could instead resemble that tempting meal (especially to your pet) on your dinner plate?

When it comes to good food, no one can deny that the quality and freshness of the ingredients used is crucial. That is why to provide your pet with the tastiest and most nutritious product; we use natural, organic ingredients and maintain a high standard for the quality and freshness of our ingredients. Never undermining kitchen hygiene, we operate in clean and sanitary kitchens to keep your pet free from harmful germs, bacteria, and unnecessary visits to the vet!

PageAdvisor’s merchant cooks and caterers are well informed and educated pet lovers who pay close attention to the differences in your pet’s digestive requirements and food safety for their various breeds and species of various ages. The products are specially planned with love to meet your requirements, be it fat free, organic, vegan or natural diets. When you order from PageAdvisor, just tell us your pet’s age, species, breed, and dietary requirements or preferences and our merchants will arrange a simple yet fantastic menu cooked to order just for you!

Remember those times when your pet couldn’t keep his/her eyes off your Chicken Rice or the time he was begging and trying to get a bite? We all know it’s not very healthy to do so for your pet and giving in would encourage repeats of this scenario. You could, however, give in to him/ her in a different way with our delicacies! No more bland and distasteful food for your beloved pooch, rodent or feline; say hello to a meal that would make you salivate in jealousy!

Our products and services range from tantalizing snacks and chews for your munchkin to full course meals for special occasions like a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner! Here are examples of some of our products!

  • Doggy bone biscuits- Made from organic and nutrient-rich grains, they are great for pampering puppies and full gown canines alike
  • Chicken treats
  • Mixed nuts and seeds- Give your rodents something to rave over with the tastiest and healthiest mix of seeds and nuts!

We deliver all your meals and products, regardless of quantity, to you directly for your convenience and so that you can spend less time on supply runs and more time with your munchkin instead! With a large variety of options for a variety of animals, you are sure to find something your pet loves!

Check Out These Services

Pet Grooming

Wish to transform your pet into the next top animal-model? Or are you just looking to give him/her the best style and comfort in town? Look no further as Pet Services Singapore presents a grooming service like no other!

Pet Hotel

Quality beds, Clean Classy & Comfortable cages, top-notch dining experiences, and exciting activities for all animals and breeds, your pet will never have been more pampered!

Pet Sitting

Going on a vacation and cannot bear to leave your pet alone at home with no company and no one to play with? More importantly, who is going to feed, bathe and walk your dog when you are away? Fear not!

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Laurine Peng

My Dog Loves It!

The dog walking service was amazing. The service provider never missed a single appointment, and was also always on time. Not only that, the service was good, as my dog loved her whenever she came to pick my dog for a walk. Thank you Page Advisor for the recommendation!

Yvonne's Rabbits

Reliable and Excellent

I brought my 2 rabbits for pet grooming, and left them there for a few hours while I went to run my errands. The service provided was good as the long nails of my rabbits were well trimmed, the fur was very smooth, and their ears were very clean! Thanks for the great service; pet grooming has been a great help, as I do not have time to groom the rabbits on my own.

Lim Jun Yan

Would Use Again

The pet sitting service was awesome. I entrusted my corgi with them during the day and he totally loved the pet sitter! It was then apparent that the pet sitter treated my dog well as he was very excited the second time he saw the pet sitter. Thanks Page Advisor, I am definitely satisfied with the service provided!

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Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire a Page Advisor Merchant. Because Page Advisor offers a “100% money-back guarantee” assurance when you engage our service – so there is ZERO risk on your part!

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