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Are you looking for emergency pest control services in Singapore?  We offer professional pest management services for home and commercial buildings at an affordable price.

Range of Pest Problems

Many people in Singapore are living with pests in their homes without their knowledge.  They may have severe itchiness, having skin rashes, and sleepless nights from pests, like bedbugs, cat fleas or dog fleas.  These pests can cause severe skin problems and some may transmit diseases.  White ants also known as termites, may cause extensive damages to furnitures or cabinets or even structure of the building.  Some of these damages may incur high repair costs. Other pests like birds, ants, rats and cockroaches infestation in the home or commercial building may cause food contamination and disease transmission.  If you suspect you have one of these pests in your home, it is advisable to call pest control companies to eradicate the pests as soon as possible.  Early prevention will stop further health risk to your family or workers, or stop further damages to the furniture or structure of the building.

Our Range of Pest Control Services





Exterminate termites fast and effectively

Exterminate the pest with effective environmentally friendly pest control method

Affordable and Effective Flea Removal Method

Eliminate all the rats effectively





Exterminate all cockroach in your home fast

Safe and effective reomval of wasp, bee and hornet nest

Rid all ants infestation effectively

Rid your home of any mosquito growth cycle





Effective pest exterminator

Eliminate all birds problems

Professional help for snake control

Eliminate and prevention of housefly professionally

What happen when you have scheduled an appointment with us? 

We will do the following steps:- 

  • In-depth Inspections Phase – Upon arrival, pest control technicians will take between 30 minutes to an hour depending how big the premises are, to do a thorough inspection of the home or premises. They use pest control devices like moisture meters, UV lights, telescoping camera to find every entry points of the pest hideouts. After they identified the pests, they shall submit their finding report to the customer with their recommended pest control solution together with their pest control quotes.  Upon confirmation of the acceptance of recommendation, a date shall be scheduled for the pests to be exterminated.
  • Implement Phase – On the appointed date, the pest control technicians shall use the combination of latest technology method and eco-friendly pest control products that is safe on both the humans and environment to exterminate the pests. For dog ticks, bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas, they may use Dry Steam Heat Treatment to exterminate the pest infestation and eggs.
  • Monitor Phase – In this phase, the pest control technicians will return to do the thorough inspection of the whole premises to ensure 100% success in extermination of the pests.  If the pests still appears during this phase, extra visits will be scheduled to exterminate the pest without further costs to the customer.

Why engage us?

  • TRUST –   We provide quality pest control solutions to all your pest problems at home or your workplace.
  • SAFETY – We use the latest and safest pest control technology to exterminate all pests.
  • EXPERIENCED – We have more than 20 years of experiences handling all types of pest control and we constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills in the latest pest management methods, equipment and the range of chemicals to ensure effective elimination of all pest in the shortest time.
  • SERVICE GUARANTEED :  We give our customers warranty period after sale service to ensure no return of pests after pest extermination service.

How to engage us?

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