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Normal Wash Laundry Singapore

Normal Wash is the common way most people wash their clothes. This term refers to the process of cleaning their clothes using water along with other cleaning agents such as soap and detergents. This is also sometimes known as ‘wet cleaning’, as it uses water as the solvent, instead of chemicals, which would be known as ‘dry cleaning’.

Most clothes can be properly washed with normal laundry, and is the method that can be used at home. The process of laundering your clothes is simple, but tedious and repetitive. With PageAdvisor, you can be at ease, and relax with our free and convenient pickup and delivery service. We save you the trouble of having to sort your clothes to throw them into the washing machines, drying them either by hanging or in an automatic dryer, followed by folding or ironing of your clothes before it’s ready to go back into your dressing cupboard.

Apart from convenience, getting your clothes washed by our professionals has other benefits. For instance, you may have stubborn stains or dirt particles which you are not able to get rid of. Instead of spending time and effort scrubbing away at the stain manually, you can just point out your stains to our laundry pickup-man, and he’ll let our launderers know so that they can get to work on removing it. Even if you miss a stain which you haven’t noticed, we check and inspect every article of clothing before we start washing, so our launderers will find it and help you to remove it.

If possible, we recommend that you use our normal laundry wash instead of dry cleaning for most of your laundry needs. It is cheaper and is often suitable enough to handle all your clothing. However there are instances where it is not recommended to use ‘wet cleaning’, as it might damage and harm your clothes. If you remember reading a clothing label, you would know there are symbols on it which the manufacturers indicate to be safe cleaning method for your clothing. They are only required to state a minimum of one safe cleaning method, but can list as many as they want. If you notice that only dry-cleaning methods are allowed, which is represented by a circular icon, then it means that washing with water may cause damage to your material. In that case, do look at our dry-cleaning page to learn more about the pros and cons of dry-cleaning, and how you should go about it to best preserve the longevity and quality of your clothes.

If you have any enquiries, do give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to address your questions and give you the best recommendations on how to launder your clothes. Save your precious time and let us help you instead!

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Anne Melissa Yap

Anne Melissa Yap

Good Quality Service

I usually don’t trust in the laundry services, and also afraid that my clothes might not be handled with care. However, as I decided to give it a shot, I realised that the quality was great! My clothes were well taken care of, they were folded even more neatly than what I do at home. So glad that someone is able to iron my clothes for me, as I feel that it is the worst part of the laundry process. I am satisfied with the overall service!

Lo Yu Foh

Lo Yu Foh

Very Convenient

As I often wear clothes that require dry cleaning, it is time-consuming to travel to and fro in order to collect my clothes. With the dry cleaning service available, it saves my time from the travelling, and it is much more convenient for me! Even the paying method has been made convenient (paying with credit/debit card). Thank you Page Advisor!

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