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Everyone knows the importance of washing clothes. We do it to make sure that the bacteria and dirt collected along the course of the day is removed and cleansed, so that our children and family are safe. In addition, washing our clothes helps to maintain it’s clean and proper look, as well as remove stains and odours which will mar its visual appeal. Most people wash their clothes a few times a week, however they wash other important fabrics in their home, such as curtains and sheets, much less often.


Similar to clothes, these fabrics also collect dirt and dust over time, as well as the harmful particles such as bacteria and allergens. Items such as curtains collect dust and grime exceptionally quickly due to its position next to the window, exposing it the winds, gusts and even rain. Bedsheets are also a prominent breeding ground for dust mites, as they feed on dead human skin and particles which can be found in abundance in our sheets. We often neglect to notice as there are usually observable signs of getting dirty such as odours and stains which we see on clothes.

However, our large fabrics such as curtains and sheets host a myriad of bacteria and germs which which can harm and affect our health. In fact, according to a study in Singapore, 97% of homes house dust mites, and an NUS research shows that 80% of singaporean have allergic reactions to dust mites, ranging from minor sniffles and range to more severe symptoms such as asthma attacks.

Apart from keeping our homes a safe and clean environment, washing your upholstery and textiles also play an important role in maintaining its looks and lustre, similar to clothes. Your bright new white curtains will collect dust and turn grey quickly without regular washing. Organisms such as dust mites and moulds also weakens the fabric and cause damage, affecting its looks and lifespan. In order to make sure your home looks and feels clean, you should regularly send your dirty curtains, sofa covers, rugs and other bulky items for washing.

PageAdvisor makes it a breeze with our free and convenient pickup and delivery service. You no longer have to lug your huge bulky fabrics to the laundromat, or try to find a place where you can hang and dry it. Simply bundle it up and leave it at your doorstep, where we will pick it up from you, clean it, and have your fresh curtains and sheets returned back at your home!

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Leanne Lee

Great Price!

It has always been a dread to get the laundry done. I am very thankful for the laundry service provided by Page Advisor. I could actually request for the service on the mobile app, get quotes and select the price that is most suitable for me. I am very satisfied with the service provided. No more washing, folding and ironing for me! It freed up a lot of my time to settle other errands.  Will definitely recommend this!

Anne Melissa Yap

Good Quality Service

I usually don’t trust in the laundry services, and also afraid that my clothes might not be handled with care. However, as I decided to give it a shot, I realised that the quality was great! My clothes were well taken care of, they were folded even more neatly than what I do at home. So glad that someone is able to iron my clothes for me, as I feel that it is the worst part of the laundry process. I am satisfied with the overall service!

Lo Yu Foh

Very Convenient

As I often wear clothes that require dry cleaning, it is time-consuming to travel to and fro in order to collect my clothes. With the dry cleaning service available, it saves my time from the travelling, and it is much more convenient for me! Even the paying method has been made convenient (paying with credit/debit card). Thank you Page Advisor!

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