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Driving in Singapore is never an easy thing. Putting aside the headache from busy road traffic and ERP, how to keep your car clean could be another challenging task to all the car owners. Regular car wash is the most direct and effective way to keep your vehicle clean, however without employing proper technique and tools or products, it can bring more harm than good to your car.

There are few important points that you might want to know for proper car washing. First of all, wetting your car is more important than you think. It is actually washing away loose dirt, therefore it will not stuck between your wash mitt and rubbing with your car paintwork. Besides that, 2 buckets wash system is another general practice that is used.

The first bucket is served as soapy water bucket while the second bucket is served as holding rinse water. On the other hand, drying is also another important that should not be overlooked. At your home or any site, if you are using water blade, you got to make sure that the water blade is clean, a tiny dirt or sand on the blade can easily cause a scratch on your car. One secret to make sure your water blade is clean is wiping your water blade after each pass.

There are still a lot more in order get car wash done correctly for your vehicle. Why not saving your time and energy and leave it to professional groomer?
Regardless your location in Singapore. Our car groomers are ready to offer you the professional full car wash service. You can contact us by simply calling the number below or submit a web form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Amos Xie

Happy with the Service

The service advice is suitable for my car and i got to try waterless car wash which is new for me, surprisingly nice effect on the car and super fast to clean! Highly recommendation worth the price!


Derick Hong

Efficient and Effective

The service was very professional they have in-dept knowledge on car grooming and is kind enough to share with me the benefits of interior car cleaning. Normally i would be unsatisfied with the windows and mirrors condition after grooming but this is out of my expectation. Whats more my car carpet are super clean! Thank you, very much appreciate the service!

May Lee

May Lee

Very Satisfied

I get to try a new method of cleaning called waterless car wash. I thought i will not be as effective as the regular ones, turns out the effect is even better, super clean! Definitely going for waterless the next time and introducing it to my friends and family too!

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