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Aside from observing proper hygiene, dressing up properly, and having our hair and nails done, there is this one thing you might want to consider to be part of your daily routine before stepping out of your doors… Enhancing your beauty with the use of make-ups. Basically, make-ups are a subset of cosmetics. These are used to enhance your beauty and your appearance. The Food and Drug Administration in the United States defines cosmetic as something that is used to cleanse the face and the body. This is also used to promote the attractiveness and beauty of an individual. Make-ups are used by makeup artists to beautify their clients. The types of make-ups that are often used are the primer, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, concealer, foundation, face powder, blusher, contour powder, highlighter, bronzer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, liquid eyeliner, and eye shadow. Make-up artists are professional artists that use mediums applied to the skin to change, transform, or enhance an individual’s appearance.

Make-up artists for beauty can often be seen at the department stores and malls, promoting their products and offering their free make-up services, so one could see how their products are being put on and how they vibrantly look when being applied on the face. All major cosmetic brands have their own beauty make-up artists.

Make-up artists for fashion are those who do make-ups for fashion models who hit the runway. They also do make-ups for models that faces the cameras for photo shoots and magazines.

Body and Face Painting
Artists or specialists who do body and face painting still fall under the category of make-up artists. They are professionally skilled make-up artists that have a lot of designs from face or body painting to the application of temporary tattoos.

Make-up artists who do make-ups in theaters also need to be professionally skilled as make-up is necessary to create the look desired by the director. Also, the make-up needs to portray the right character of an individual. This must be visible even from afar.

There are also make-up artists whose forte is to provide make-up services to those who usually face the camera for dramatic shows that can be found on television. This also includes the broadcasters and as well as the show hosts.

Film and Movies
Make-up artists who do make-ups in films and movies are those who have the ability to trick and re-create the face of an individual with the use of make-ups, depending on the role being portrayed.

Personal Services
There are also make-up artists who offer personal services for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and many more family & social events.
What is the importance of make-up? Here are some of the reasons why most of the girls (and some guys) can’t step out of their doors without putting make-ups on their faces:

Make-ups can make you look more beautiful
Makeups can conceal blemishes and even out uneven skin tone, making you look glamorous and glowing.

Make-ups enhance your facial features
One of the reasons why people use make-up is to enhance their facial features. By doing so, it makes your face look good and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Some of the make-ups that really enhance the facial features are the blushers and highlighters.

Make-ups make you look younger
According to research, increasing the contrast between facial features and skin tone with the use of make-ups can certainly make you look younger. One way of increasing the contrast of facial aspects is using a red lipstick.

Make-ups can make you feel more confident
“If you look good, you feel good” – people who feel good about themselves are more confident. Looking good can definitely boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you see yourself in the mirror, pale and boring, it affects your mood and makes you feel you’re not confident.

Make-ups can boost your ego
One of the simplest things to do to boost your ego is applying makeup. This does not just give you a major boost, this also makes you feel very good inside out. Looking at your glowing face in the mirror can definitely put you in a good spirit.

Make-ups can positively affect others’ perception towards you
Studies have shown that if a woman wears make-up, she is more likeable. If you wear make-up, people will view you as a competent and trustworthy individual. Heavy make-up is not flattering unless you go to a party or perform on a stage. We have to bear in mind that even though make-ups help us become more beautiful, we must always remember that the main purpose of these is to enhance our facial features and not to cover our real beauty.

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Isabel Tan

The facial service that I experienced was great! The service provider explained every product in detail as she applied them onto my face, allowing me to be informed of the benefits of each. Also, she was friendly and meticulous so as to make sure that my face is well taken care of! Thank you for the service! I felt very refreshed after the treatment!


Dorcas Shayna

Lovely Manicure
I have tried out the gel manicure for a few times. The service provider was extremely friendly and patient while doing my nails. It made me feel relaxed during the whole session, as there was someone to chat with me. Not only so, she was meticulous during every single step. I was happy with the design and the colour that she advised. Thank you so much for the service!

Pearl Chong

Pearl Chong

Meticulous and Careful
The makeup artist was detailed in filling and mixing the colours to match my skin tone. She would also discuss with me the type of makeup and the colour that I would prefer. During the application of the makeup, she was meticulous, and used light strokes in order not to hurt my face. In addition, good hygiene was practiced. Thank you for the makeup, I loved it!

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